Growing up loving animals and nature, I always wanted to go to Alaska. Madeline had two brothers that worked on the pipeline for months at a time, and she showed me some of the pictures that they brought home. Still, when it came down to it, we never really wanted to vacation in a cold climate considering we lived in Chicago and were tired of the cold.

Once we got the cruise bug, though, we thought an Alaskan cruise would be a pretty good way to vacation there. We loved our cruise in 2007, and someday hope to get back to the state and explore it more.


Our sixth cruise was to the 48th state that I've been to, Alaska. Alaskan cruises only happen in the summer, and we needed to go between softball seasons, so it turned out the available week was the first week of school. Because of that, we didn't take the girls with us, especially since Alicia was living in Texas at the time.

We tried a new cruise line with Princess, and went on the Golden Princess. It departed from Seattle and then went to Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Victoria over a 7 day period.

The weather was about as good as you can get for an Alaskan trip, with a quick shower once while we were shopping in the Juneau.

We wouldn't recommend Princess, by the way. They weren't bad, but we liked NCL better.

Princess Cruise 2007

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