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The Golden Princess was a beautiful ship. Although perhaps it didn't have the amenities of many of the newest ships, it still contained an enclosed pool/hot tub area and three other pools and hot tubs, a large theater, a miniature golf course, beautiful lounges, and three main dining rooms.

Seattle & the Golden Princess

We got a balcony room on the starboard side of Deck 12, the Aloha Deck. It was well situated for going up a deck to the buffet and pool areas, but the casino, dining halls, and other main amenities were down on Decks 5-7. So, we did lots of walking up and down stairs all week. It was good for helping lose the weight we gained with all the food. We spend Saturday and Sunday at sea getting familiar with the ship.

We arrived in Seattle the night before the ship sailed. It was a fairly nice day for Seattle, although it began to cloud up as our ship took off around 4:00 in the afternoon. From our balcony, though, we got this nice panoramic shot of the city.

Room A309

Princess Theatre

One of our two anytime dining rooms

The miniature golf course on the ship

The Calypso Reef and Pool had a glass roof that can open, although for Alaska, it stays closed. We played lots of Gin Rummy games here.

Fun at the Neptune Reef and Pool

Our first sunrise on the ship


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