Our friends, the Kozaks, asked us if we wanted to go on a cruise with them and some other friends from church. We hadnít planned anything for our anniversary, so it was a perfect week to join them. There were twelve of us in total. As always, we make sure that we get into the port town a day before the cruise, just in case something goes wrong. The good thing here was that the port was in Tampa, less than two hours from our girls in Orlando, so they came to spend the day and night with us. The bad thing was that the City of Tampa had a water problem, so there was no fresh water to drink. Restaurants were closed, but we all managed to find some place to go and enjoy. We stayed at a Sheraton and were just about ready to head to the port, when we all got word that the port was closed and our ship was going to sail about 8 hours late. Now we struggled to keep ourselves occupied, so we pretty much just stayed at the hotel and enjoyed each otherís company.



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The rest of the gang got there about the same time as us, so our first order of business was lunch at the hotel.

(above) What we look like when we try to take nice photos. (below) What we feel like on the inside.

We were originally planning to board the ship at 1pm, but when they told us the port was closed and the incoming ship wasnít even there, we somewhat patiently waited. Finally around 4pm, one of our crew was near the port and said they were getting ready to board, so we booked on down there. Unfortunately, there were long lines and another several hours of waiting before we finally boarded after 8pm.