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This was the first cruise that I didn’t go on, but Madeline and Dana went together instead. It was Dana’s birthday and Madeline had the time off, so they looked at the Disney Hub to see if there were any discounted cruises. There was, so they went on the Disney Dream for a 4 day cruise out of Canaveral.


The ship went from Canaveral to Nassau and then on to Castaway Cay for a day. They even ran a 5k while on the private island.

Cruise 19—Disney bahamas

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As was typical for our cruises, the ladies got to the pier early and were one of the first folks on the ship. They explored the beautiful Dream and Dana was surprised with the birthday gifts in the cabin.

Food and entertainment are always the highlight of a Disney cruise, and this one held true to that. They enjoyed their first lunch in the café and their first dinner at Animator’s Palate. Of course, it was getting close to Halloween, so they had a party in the atrium.

Dana had never been on the Dream, so she checked out all of the rooms, including the ones designed for kids and teens.

They enjoyed adult items, too, of course, like gelato and the bars. And since it was close to Halloween, they had to dress up a night or two.