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After a night in Los Angeles, we landed in Lihue, Kauai late morning on Friday. Our first home base was the Marriott near the airport. Just in the short drive from the airport to the resort, we knew that Kauai was different than the other islands we had been to. There were plants and flowers everywhere… truly deserving of the Garden Island.


At the Marriott, we were astounded by the size and beauty of the pool. It was truly incredible. Our room was on a low floor, but overlooked the pool. During our 3 night stay, we had dinner in nearby restaurants, hung out at the pool, watched the sunrise, and enjoyed the sites at the beach.

Kaua'i Marriott Resort


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The beautiful Kauai Marriott Resort is a combination hotel/MVC resort. Our room was a studio. The place was large and the open air lobby and gardens outside the lobby were intriguing. The pool, however, was stunning.

Our first real meal. The food was great everywhere, and we loved the Hula pies and other local desserts

All beaches in Hawaii are public, so anyone is permitted on any beach. The Marriott had a section of lawn between the beach and a sidewalk and then the resort. On that lawn were some fascinating trees. We took a walk one morning and saw the sunrise and the NCL ship, Pride of America

Madeline loved the Marriott’s pool in the morning, when she could swim laps and I could do handstands. I loved it at night, when it was peaceful and colorful, or when a rainbow fell over the top of it. It was approximately 210’ in diameter, held 800,000 gallons of water, and had a surface area of 26,000 sq. ft.


When in Hawaii, you have to have at least one umbrella drink, don’t ya?

Our last morning before we checked out of the resort, after our swim, we ate breakfast on our lanai and watched the flowers dry out from the little rain that caused the rainbow, a man climb a palm tree to prune it, and then we went onto the top level of our wing to get one last full look at the pool and surrounding area.