It had been too long since we went to Greensburg. We tried a couple of times for weddings, but one trip was canceled due to Hurricane Irma and the other was canceled in the middle of the night before we were going to get on a flight, due to sicknesses in our household. Going home for my dad’s 86th birthday seemed like a good reason to try again. We enjoyed a lot of quality time with my parents and a good portion of my local family. We tried a couple new places to eat and had fun at the casino and playing mini-golf.

Greensburg—Jun 2018

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We arrived late morning on Friday and spent time with my parents. For dinner, Micki & Phil, Angie, and the Wolter family joined us at Chili’s. Afterwards, we went back to their place where they showed off the fruit basket Noelle gave them. Sandi made cupcakes and threw 80+6 candles on them. We visited more before heading to the Hampton, where I made a new friend.

On Saturday, we said goodbye to Emma who was heading back to school. We then took my folks to the casino, where Madeline won pretty nicely. Alicia had given Grandma $10 and told her to try to double her money. She did exactly that. Mostly, we just had fun pulling the levers. We went back to Greensburg and had dinner at their new sushi place.

On Sunday after church, we went to Batesville for brunch at Izzy’s. It was so good that we forgot to take any pictures.


Some of us returned to Greensburg and played mini-golf, where my Dad showed us who was number 1.

A couple of sites that you can only find in Greensburg.