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The Marriott Aruba Surf Club is a relatively new MVC resort, beautifully situated on Palm Beach. Itís adjacent to the Marriott Beach Club and Marriott hotel and casino. The villas are very nice and the grounds are beautiful. Mostly, the workers and the guest owners were all so friendly. We met several people who own pieces of the resort and come back multiple times a year. We can understand why.

In and Around The Resort

Our one-bedroom suite at the Marriott Aruba Surf Club

Our first night we walked to the nearby mall area, where we passed on the TGIF and ate at the Taste of Belgium restaurant and tried some great food

In talking to everyone we met and also the concierge at the resort, there were two restaurants that everyone mentioned. One of them was Papiamento, so we went there our second night.

It rains infrequently in Aruba, but we did have to wait out a pretty good shower one morning before we went to the pool. Still, it was warm, so we didnít care.


As Madeline waited patiently for the sun up on our balcony, I went to the beach and around the grounds to check out the status of things.

We ate outdoors at an Italian place at the Marriott Hotel and Casino, where we witnessed a lovely sunset, listened to a band play some rock & roll, and then enjoyed the colorful pool area.

The other restaurant we were told to eat at was Madame Janette. It was another place outdoors and the food was excellent.

Part of the Dutch influence on the island

A fountain light show at the mall

We had dinner at a seafood restaurant with Paula and Peter on our last night, then walked around the area and had some fun

On the last day, we went into Oranjestad with Paula and Peter to do a little shopping. We checked out the Aruba sign and the infinity pool at the Renaissance Hotel, stopping at a Dutch waffle house along the way.