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People often ask me, Dan Navarra, why I work hard at TMI, used to spend so much time on the road, and basically missed out on my family. As a lifetime million mile flyer on American Airlines (almost two million) and nearly a million on United, I tell them I may not have been involved with everything my children did, but being out of town one or two nights a week helps the marriage, and quite frankly my sanity. Madeline agrees with me completely on that. I miss traveling as much as I used to.

My parents taught me to be a hard worker, and that in addition to the brains God gave me and the education Purdue gave me, I have been fortunate enough to do fairly well with regards to my professional life. I have only had 4 jobs in the past 32 years. We make a good living, but we are not overly materialistic. Most anything that could be considered a luxury in our home was probably a gift or for a very special occasion. We don't run out and buy the latest in technology, or new cars every year, or go to fancy restaurants every night. We have no problem with clipping coupons and saving a buck here or there on a purchase. To me, absolutely everything has a value, and I'd rather spend $1,000 on a piece of art that I would enjoy thoroughly for life than $75 on a pair of tennis shoes that I'd only wear for a couple years.

We live a rather simple life, in a very nice, but not extravagant home in a very nice, but not extravagant neighborhood. We believe in family and moved recently to Florida in order to keep our family together after our daughters moved there three years before us. Over the years we've even extended that family with an "open door" policy to our children's friends, our relatives, neighbors, and a couple of foreign exchange students who've lived with us for months on end.

If we have an extravagance, I suppose it is in experiencing life, because you never know how long your life will be. I tell people "I work so that I can vacation." Clients actually tease me that I go on vacation once a month. I just smile and nod my head. Madeline and I love to vacation, as do the kids. We love new places, new scenery, new cultures, and new adventures. In 2008 I made it to the last of the 50 states, and Madeline accomplished the same feat in 2013. Someone told me that we should strive for “100 by 100”, which I can only deduce means 100 countries before I turn 100 years old. That sounds good to me.

Our vacations are so full, that we often need a vacation after our vacation. I've been told that I plan our vacations in such detail that I actually schedule meals and restroom breaks. That's only partially true, but in a nutshell, we love to see what God has created and make the best use out of our ability to enjoy His gifts.

We love to photograph our vacations and share them with our friends. Conversely, we love to look at our friends vacation photos as well. Click on a link and you'll see some of the fun things we've done in the past. And although my wife tells everyone this is "my" site versus "our" site, Madeline pretty much agrees with what I say here.

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