Along with our love for vacations, comes our love for photography. I took a class in high school and owned an SLR Canon AE-1 for 25 years. Madeline also loves to take pictures, and I've been teaching her the difference between photos and snapshots. We both used film until Christmas 2005, when she bought me a small point-and-shoot digital camera. Our Mexican Riviera cruise was the first vacation with digital, but now I own a digital SLR Canon EOS Rebel T5i, with multiple lenses and filters.


I'm still learning after all these years, too. Each new camera (unfortunately you have to buy them more often) has new features. Some are fun and some are weird, but I try them all anyway. I love looking at how people take photographs (not snapshots) on Facebook, too.


These are some of our favorite pictures since we've gone digital. There was very little photo editing done on any of these, and many photos are exactly as I took them. Click on the picture to blow it up, or you can click on the caption to go to that particular vacation.

My Favorite Pictures

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