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We began our journey on a Thursday afternoon, taking airberlin out of O’Hare. We landed in Berlin at 7am, transferred over to another flight, and then got to Copenhagen at 10am.


Although tired from our journey and the time change, we took the train into the city and began exploring on foot. We wanted to see the famous Nyhavn area and The Little Mermaid. We saw much more.


After the cruise, we got off the Disney Magic fairly early Saturday morning, but since our flight wasn’t until the following day, we spent another full day in Copenhagen exploring the city.

Copenhagen, Denmark


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Madeline at the Copenhagen airport

We were hungry, so we searched for someplace to eat. Our first meal was a traditional Danish lunch, with some cold meats and pickled veggies.

The train took us to the city center. We started walking towards the Little Mermaid and found the grounds of Amalienborg Palace along the way, where Madeline made two new friends.

We made it to the Little Mermaid. She was, um, little.

Near the Little Mermaid, we saw the Disney Magic in port. We also saw St. Alban’s Church.

We walked to Marmorkirken, or the Marble Church

We ended our walk at Nyhavn, which was full of colors and tourists. We sat for a moment, but thought we’d fall asleep, so we took the train back to our airport Hilton hotel, where we had a good view and made some new friends.

After the cruise, we took the train back into the city and walked around again. We ended up at Rosenborg Castle. The grounds near the castle were beautiful with rhododendrons in full bloom. Inside we saw the king and queen crowns from 1671-1731, some lovely clocks, and the Long Hall with the throne of the king (made with narwhal tusks) and queen guarded by silver lions. We also lounged on the lawn and had a great panini lunch.

After Rosenborg, we went to the Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful day, so there were lots of folks lounging about. We saw more lovely flowers and the beautiful pavilion of tropical plants.

We continued to the Round Tower, which gave us a lovely 360 degree view of Copenhagen. Of course, we had to follow the crowds to the shopping district, where we found a familiar store. Copenhagen is a very bike-friendly city, and it was amazing how many you could find.