Text Box: We spent some time at the pool, including staring up at the amazing sky, sliding down into the pool, and winning a trivia contest (thanks to our phone-a-friend, Dana) with the grand prize being this lovely monkey
Text Box: We had two African meals during the week. The food was extremely flavorful, with lots of spices, but they were not spicy hot. The views were pretty nice in both places, too
Text Box: We awoke to two amazing sunrises. The picture below is my favorite and occurred on our first morning. The one to the left happened the next day, and was the first time we noticed the figures on the sheers. They were not really black like it looks, but merely a thicker material than the sheers themselves
Text Box: The lobby of Jambo House, which was next door to Kidani Village and where breakfast was located
Text Box: Animal Kingdom Lodge was our home for the week. We stayed at Kidani Village, which is a DVC resort. We had a savanna view, so it was the most peaceful (and dark) room I've ever been to. It felt like we were in Africa instead of Florida. We spent a good deal of time hanging around the village for breakfast each day, a couple of dinners, and some fun by the pool.
Text Box: Animal Kingdom Lodge
Text Box: Some of the savanna animals
Text Box: The ox above slept outside of our room each night
Text Box: The view from our 4th floor room
Text Box: Our studio
Text Box: The main lobby of Kidani Village
Text Box: Some of the interesting architecture of Kidani Village
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