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I wanted to do something different for Alicia’s birthday and so I found a night at Disney’s Vero Beach resort. She and Mel had actually stayed here before and said the place was very nice. I would have liked to make it a 2-night ordeal, but because of the holiday, we could only get one night. Still, we enjoyed the place.


What was fun was that we used it and a nearby botanical garden for taking Alicia & Melvin’s Save the Date photos for their wedding. It was a short trip, but nice.

Birthday in Vero Beach: 05/20/16-05/21/16

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The resort is to the left, with our kitchen and the view from our balcony. Below we walked to the beach and took a couple of photos before Madeline and Mel took a dip.

Alicia got a special present for her birthday. At night there was a storm out on the Atlantic, and I was able to capture a streak of lightning coming down from a cloud below the full moon.


We had breakfast at the resort and a couple of real characters joined us at our table.

The McKee Botanical Garden was mostly about trees and green plants more than about brightly colored flowers. There were some cool lily pads, though.


Taking engagement photos was definitely a lot of fun, but towards the end of the morning, we were getting rather hot and sweaty in the Florida humid weather. We got a little silly.