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In 2003, we moved into our new house in Streamwood. Thus began the second phase of our lives that included older children and a little more disposal cash. The year began with my brother’s wedding. We also saw him in October when we visited him in Houston. Joe and Elsie also got married late in the year.


In 2004, Dana graduated 8th grade at St. Mary’s and then joined Alicia at St. Edward’s in August. My brother came to Chicago to work for a week or so, and so he brought his wife, Katherine, and their two daughters. We got together a couple of times, and spent a nice day in the City. Alicia got her license and her first job, also getting my old car.


Dana with Payton and Alicia with Amber in front of Buckingham Fountain, and we go to the newly opened Bean!

I have a serious man-to-munchkin conversation with Payton

Too many girls

Payton and I play at Navy Pier

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The year began with my brother getting married in New Mexico, where I spent a little extra time in Taos and in Albuquerque.

Alicia was on the Streamwood Freshman softball team, where she pitched, batted, and played third. She also turned 15 in May

On June 17, Naboo entered our lives. What a cute little kitten.

A day in the City in July and Elsie and Papa came to visit in August

We spent a few days in Houston with Tony’s family and enjoyed the Gulf in Galveston.

October 28, Joe and Elsie wed

Christmas in the three locations

Dana in the 8th grade play, Kokonut Kapers; at her May Crowning with Amy and Amanda; on the 8th grade trip; graduation.


Alicia turned 16 and was confirmed.

We built a house in Streamwood so that the girls could stay in their schools, but they both end up at St. Edward’s as a freshman and junior. At least Alicia got her license and could drive them. Dana turned 15 and Alicia got her first job… at Goebbert’s.