Dana was asked by the St. Ed's biology teacher if she wanted to go to Hawaii to study marine biology. Dana said, "Duh!"


Every two years, the teacher hand picks approximately 30 students who show signs of interest in biology and who wish to study it in Hawaii and receive college credit. Dana went to the Big Island for two weeks: snorkeling, studying, learning about the Hawaiian culture and landscape, and just enjoying the beauty of the islands; and then had some fun in Maui for another few days.


Um, it turns out Dana never went into the field of Biology, but who cares!

Dana in Hawaii

The cliffs off the coast of the Big Island

Some of the beauty of the ocean against the shore

The somber site of Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park

Akaka Falls near Hilo

What's a Hawaii page without a picture of a sunset or two?

Dana and her classmates snorkeled, studied organisms, and of course had fun with each other

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