This was our first full year of our third phase of married life… life without children at home. The year began with the girls quickly finding a place to live after they finished their College Program at WDW. They both got accepted to permanent positions with the company, so they had to move into a furnished apartment. Shortly thereafter, we decided if we were eventually going to retire in the Orlando area, and they were paying rent to someone, why not get a house for us and accept a little rent for the time being? Those events occupied our time the first few months. After that, we settled into doing other things around Chicago.


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Madeline went to Atlanta in May, getting down to Camp to see the folks. She also went to a baby shower for Ann Marie Nicpon.

At the United Center on the last day of May, we got to see The Rolling Stones perform. Sheryl Crow even joined in on a song and Mick talked about the Blackhawks that kept causing them to have to tear down and rebuild their set...

… because the next day, the Blackhawks played at the United Center for a game in their second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We were back in the same box 16 hours later.

Score!Score again!

In July, Arlene came into town on business and she and Madeline checked out the sights

In early August, Tony’s family made it to Greensburg, so most of the family got together to have fun on the farm and play a little mini-golf

Also in August, we had the chance to see a Chicago concert at Ravinia, an outdoor venue, with our friends Marie, Bob, and Donna. We had VIP passes, so we were able to go backstage and meet some of the band.

In September, Tony made it to Chicago on business and we played some Wii

In November, I went to Lagos, Nigeria for a short business trip

Holidays were spent in Orlando and Greensburg