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From January 2008 until June 2008, Ana Paula Claudino lived with us. Ana Paula was a 17-year old exchange student from Sao Paulo, Brazil She lived in our guest room and attended St. Edward’s High School as a Senior.

The Ana Paula Page

A Ana veio a nós em 10 de janeiro. Aqui estao alguns quadros de sua primeira semana nos EUA. (Ana came to us on 10-Jan. Here are some pictures of her first week in the US.)

Sua primeira semana

At the airport. Welcome to winter in Chicago!

Ana cheers on her new school's girl's basketball team with Dana

Picture Time

A trip to Stratford Square Mall


Ana loves her Eeyore

Ana quickly made friends

Picture time

Monday was picture day for Ana, where she took photos of her new home, including her bedroom, bathroom, and loft. She also likes to take self portraits.


Ana has never seen snow, so this was her first snow as seen from her bedroom window. I'm sure she'll get more than this before too long!

School girl

She enjoys a little bit of Princess Diaries

But of course, school had to start sometime. Her first day at St. Ed's began on Wednesday of the following week.

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