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Harborside Resort and Atlantis


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Everyone seems to know what Atlantis is, but aside from seeing it’s massive orange structure when docking on a cruise ship, we had never experienced the place. Our Vistana timeshare allowed us to exchange Scottsdale for the Harborside Resort at Atlantis. It allowed us to go anywhere we wanted in Atlantis, and enjoy many of the water park and lagoons for free.

We left on a Friday morning, parking at MCO’s new C-Terminal and riding their people mover. We flew to Ft. Lauderdale and then on to Nassau, catching a taxi and going past the big flamingo.

The Atlantis property is huge, with multiple towers, lagoons, a casino, a marina, and much more. We stayed in Vistana’s Harborside Resort, which was located off of the marina. We had a view of Nassau and the harbor between it and Paradise Island. The villa itself was rather plain, but we enjoyed our sunset view and the walk over to the main towers and remainder of Atlantis.

Harborside Resort had colorful buildings and a nice pool near the inlet to the marina. We could see cruise ships in port from the pool area, and it seemed like the seagulls really liked our pool as well.

Atlantis is famous for the two towers that make up the Royal Towers, and the bridge suite that spans between them. We enjoyed walking the grounds outside and viewing the fountains, including the Flying Fish. We also liked the car entry of the towers, with the Royal Towers Fountain and winged horses.

The towers were especially nice at night. So was the Great Hall of Waters, which was an area down from the main lobby. It had lots of windows looking into one of the lagoons. Atlantis also has a huge casino, and Madeline won once.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a final meal at the airport before heading home. We got a nice look at the airport and island itself from the plane. We also got a great view of the beautiful waters off Chub Cay. After stopping back through Ft. Lauderdale, we arrived back in Orlando as a full moon shone over the lakes.