There were two petting areas: one for dolphins and one for stingrays. It helped if you had food to offer them.

The dolphin show

On top of the shark tank, with Lesley Watson, a girl who used to go to Camp with Madeline and was in charge of the exhibit

Our first show was the killer whale show, with its star Shamu

On Saturday, our morning began with a little frolicking on the Shamu statues near the entrance, then some posing in the tropical settings, and finally a little face time with the stars of the park.

We began our trip with a surprise visit to Sea World. Because Dana was so into whales at the time, it was truly a magical moment for her. We made them close their eyes until we saw the Sea World sign, and when they opened them, they were in awe. We watched all the shows and even got a behind the scenes tour of the shark tank.

Sea World

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