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Kind of on the spur of the moment, Madeline said she wanted to go to Blowing Rocks for our anniversary. We booked a long weekend in both Palm Beach Gardens at a Marriott and the same MVC property in Ft. Lauderdale as we did a couple years earlier. Other than Blowing Rocks, we really never planned anything, but as usual, we found lots of fun things to do. It was Spring Break, so the place was definitely fun.

Long Weekend in Ft. Lauderdale: 03/01/18-03/04/18

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We left the house and went the long way to the Jupiter area. I had heard about Bok Tower Gardens for a long time, but didn’t know much about it. It turns out that the rhododendron were in bloom, so it was a pretty good time to be there. I enjoyed the spider rope climb, but the highlight was the big bell tower itself. It was a good start to our long weekend.


Blowing Rocks is a preserve on Jupiter Island that contains the largest limestone outcropping on the state’s east coast. Breaking waters spray plumes of water through erosion holes like a volcano. After storms, the sprays can go as high as 50’, but it was fairly calm when we went there. Still, we went at high tide, so the eruptions were cool.


We continued on to our resort in Ft. Lauderdale. We had a great view of the beach from our room, and so we had to get out on the beach and walk around. We found a good place to eat for dinner, munching on a little sushi. At night, there was a full moon and the street below was lit up well.


We did a bunch of nothing this day, except lay out by the pool or go to the beach. We had another nice lunch, and took the obligatory photo of us in the Fort Lauderdale chair.

There was a professional beach volleyball tournament going on, and we just happened to go into the stadium when Brook Sweat and Summer Ross were playing for the bronze medal. They won, and we then ended the day with a good meal on the street and watching the crazy spring breakers have fun.

One thing we did do was a lot of walking… Madeline more so than me. She got up early and took long walks along the beach, capturing some really beautiful photos with her phone on our last day before we checked out and head home.

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