Text Box: It all began when the two met back in November of 2013, when they were introduced by a mutual friend who knew them both from the Grand Floridian hotel. We came down to Orlando a couple of weeks later to celebrate Christmas with the girls, and even in that short period, it was obvious that they had strong feelings for each other. He even took our photos for our Christmas cards that year, knowing that he had an artistic eye.

Mel was embraced into the family, and he began to be included in all things Navarra. He visited Chicago, Atlanta, and Greensburg, enjoyed his very first cruise, and was part of lots of meals once we moved to Florida.
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The first time we met Mel was at the Magic Kingdom when we went down to Orlando for our Christmas with the girls. We all liked him instantly.

Dec 2013May 2014

Alicia brought Mel to Chicago to see her hometown. He instantly enjoyed Portillo’s and the Bean.

Jun 2014

Mel got his first taste of my family when the TX Navarras went to WDW for a vacation and we came down to have some fun.

Jul 2014

Mel met a good portion of the Miralles family the following month when Madeline, Alicia, and Mel went to Atlanta for Jessica’s baby shower.

Alicia invited Mel to go on our cruise, which turned out to be doubly nice. Not only did we have fun with him cruising for the first time, but it opened up a spot for Mäggi and she joined us. We loved the ropes course, the ice bar, the power snorkeling, and the sexy legs contest… all firsts for all of us.

Dec 2014

Miscellaneous fun (clockwise from left) while Madeline was in Orlando in March, the kids were in Chicago in May, we went to Cooper’s Hawk in October, and we enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Tony and family were heading to Greensburg, so I thought it would be a good time to introduce Mel to the rest of the Navarras, our competitiveness in mini-golf, and a cornfield or two.

Jul 2015Misc 2015

Our second vacation with both Mel and Alicia was in Marco Island. Unfortunately it was a bit chilly while the kids were there, but we had fun nonetheless.

Dec 2015Dec 2015

Christmas in our new home and at WDW.

Misc 2015

Miscellaneous fun (left-right) while Hank & Mary was in town with their granddaughter and Mel celebrated his birthday in January, and we enjoyed a DVC event at Magic Kingdom in February.

Misc 2016

Madeline and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary in Orlando with Peter & Paula and the kids

Mar 2016

We also spent a day of fun for Madeline’s birthday, again showing Mel our competitiveness. We went to California Grill with them, too (below).


Their last day as a non-engaged couple was at Amanda’s wedding on April 1.

Nov 2013—Apr 2016