Alicia had the weekend off because of her birthday. Madelineís brother, Mike, was in the hospital. The families were starting to clear out Joe & Elsieís house. It seemed like a perfect time for Madeline and Alicia to drive to Atlanta to see Mike, Dominic, and other family members, and pick up the Santa figurines that used to belong to Toni. The two left Orlando on Thursday morning and then drove halfway back home on Saturday evening and the rest on Sunday morning. It was a short weekend, but they accomplished what they needed to accomplish.

05/17/18-05/19/18 Atlanta, GA


The two got to Atlanta and immediately went to see Mike in the hospital. Things were going well, so they went out to eat with Dominic.


On Friday, Alicia got a tattoo, so that she could say she had one in her 20ís.

Text Box: Return to the South

On Saturday, they surprised Felicia by showing up at Emory University where she was going to swim in the Special Olympics. They watched her win, and she was very happy to get that gold medal.

On Sunday, the family went through things at Elsieís house, so Madeline got to see all of her brothers together, and most of the nieces and nephews.