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You’d think after we had so much fun on our first cruise that we’d do a second one sooner than 13 years later, but life kind of got in the way. Our second cruise included the girls. We went with two other families who each had two children the same age as ours. Alicia was 10 for this cruise and came out of her shell on it, instantly becoming the sarcastic, fun-loving person that she is today. Dana was 9 and experienced something amazing for a 9 year old.


We went on Carnival Cruise Lines for the second time and left out of Miami, going to Cozumel Mexico, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman. The weather was a little rough, as we were sort of following in the footsteps of a hurricane, but the trip was memorable. It is fun traveling with others.

Carnival Imagination

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The kids joined Carnival's Kids Club and they immediately had fun. During the first sea day, the girls got to pop balloons over people's heads. For some reason, Alicia chose me.

As part of a class project, Dana was supposed to take pictures of her with a Flat Stanley paper doll. It was good timing, as there were many opportunities to do it.

Alicia shows her appreciation for bringing her on the trip. To this day, she will state that this trip was when she came out of her shell and became the fun-loving, goofy person that she is today.


So for that, I guess this is my second proudest moment, because I gave her an experience that changed her life forever.


In the terminal waiting to board the ms Imagination

Saying goodbye to Miami

The Halloween party where we dressed as Bulls fans (original, huh?)

Fun at lunch with Nikola and at dinner with the gang

Dana climbs into the hot tub above after a fun day in Jamaica. The kids enjoy their table for dinner.

Dana sings “Part of This World” as part of the Kids Club talent contest. Below, the kids have one final farewell dinner fun.